We have 3 Skip Bin sizes to choose from

Bathurst Lithgow Mini Bins's sizes range from:

  • 2 metre skips
  • 3 metre skips
  • 4 metre skips

Our skip bins are ideal for:

  • Building sites
  • Renovations
  • Moving house
  • Home and garden
  • Industrial sites
  • Office clean ups
2 metre skip min

Delivery & Pick Up

Our flatbeds come to your place, so you don't have to lug different boxes or bins of waste material around town, or take them to the tip. All you have to do is set out your bins, and we can easily identify you as a Bathurst Lithgow Mini Bins client. That means that our reliable service extends right up to your door. So for rubbish collection in Bathurst, give Bathurst Lithgow Mini Bins a call today.

Fast, easy rubbish collection

Get rid of your rubbish fast!

We are there right when we say we'll be, every time. You can count on us to pick up your rubbish and recyclables so that you don't have to collect them inside the house or office. You get a fast, reliable service that can help you manage your space and rubbish in a quick and easy way.

4 metre skip bin

Environmentally Friendly

Waste disposal has a great environmental impact that we at Bathurst Lithgow Mini Bins aim to reduce. By recycling materials, instead of burning or burying them, we can help minimise the effects on the environment. Products such as glass and plastics last for an extremely long time if they are simply left to break down in a tip. We are dedicated to recycling as much as we can.